National Collaborative Project with Paediatric Critical Care Units

This project was funded by Aston University’s Higher Education Innovation Funding and NHS England.

Project Summary

This Collaborative Project offers Paediatric Critical Care units across the UK the opportunity to participate in a pilot implementation and evaluation of three SWell interventions from the ‘SWell Bundle’.

We have selected 3 SWell interventions which are based on behaviour change techniques we know are likely to be successful, that are relatively low intensity, and flexible for different centres to implement in a way that suits them.

We will look at how feasible it is to deliver these interventions in busy PCCs, how likely staff are to engage in them, what adaptations might need to be made, and whether people like them or not.

This project will provide baseline data to inform future research to test the effectiveness of SWell interventions in PCC and other specialty areas in the future.

This project has finished collecting in January 2024, findings to be shared in due course.

“This national collaborative project offers staff in Paediatric Critical Care the opportunity to pilot and evaluate 3 staff wellbeing interventions from the SWell Bundle."

As well as our original core team in Birmingham, we also have our SWell National Team

Peter Donnelly

Consultant Intensivist, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow

Hena Syed-Sabir

Clinical Psychologist, Co-Chair Paediatric Critical Care Society Wellbeing Special Interest Group and Paediatric Critical Care Unit, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham

Stephanie Reid

Head of Methodology & Delivery, NHS England

Sara Berry

Project Manager, NHS England/Improvement

Sally Crighton

Nurse Fellow

Amy Fox

Project Manager and Research Associate, Aston University, School of Psychology, College of Health & Life Sciences, Birmingham, B4 7ET, U.K

Shana Gander-Zaucker

Research Associate, Aston University (2022-2023)