Interventions for Staff Wellbeing in Paediatric Critical & Emergency Care

Welcome to SWell!

The SWell project started with a research project funded by Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital Charity. It aimed to investigate wellbeing interventions for staff that work in Paediatric Critical Care.

We then developed the work nationally working in partnership with the Paediatric Critical Care Society and with NHS England.

The SWell project team comprises applied health psychology researchers based at Aston University, Birmingham, and clinical colleagues working in paediatric critical and emergency care in the United Kingdom.

What does wellbeing mean to you? How is your wellbeing challenged at work? What can you do to improve and maintain your wellbeing at work? These simple questions can help you along the way to being happier and healthier both at work and at home.

  • Illustration of Farhan

    "It's probably just how chaotic we are sometimes and how intense the unit is and the high acuity of the patients … We have to put these people and families first, that we push ourselves back and we don't think about wellbeing"

    John Smith - ICU Nurse

  • Illustration of Tom

    "I think actually it feels a little bit like we’re conducting at work when we’re there, sometimes like quite a big, crazy, chaotic orchestra, and so I think wellbeing for me is when I feel that maybe I’ve controlled things well and conducted things well."

    Bob Smith - PIC Consultant

  • Illustration of Grace

    "The teamwork is the thing that really keeps it all going because … when you're working as a team, it's a phenomenal feeling."

    Jane Score - ICU Nurse