National Collaborative Project with Paediatric Emergency Departments

This project is funded by NHS England.

Project Summary

Phase 2 of the National Collaborative Project is currently underway, following the successful completion of phase 1 in Paediatric Critical Care (PCC) Units in England and Scotland. Phase 1 demonstrated the feasibility of trained PCC staff delivering group-based SWell interventions, typically embedded within existing events such as study days. Furthermore, it was shown that collecting pre- and post-intervention wellbeing data and post-intervention feasibility data using online surveys administered by Aston University was also feasible.

Phase 2 of our study aims to determine if it is possible to implement the same interventions in Paediatric Emergency Departments (PEDs). These departments have a different working environment with unique pressures on staff, and shifts are organized differently. This phase of the study will help us determine if these interventions can be utilized in various settings and reach a wider range of individuals.

"This national collaborative project offers staff in Paediatric Emergency Care opportunity to pilot and evaluate 2 staff wellbeing interventions."

Sara Berry

Project Manager, NHS England/Improvement

Sally Crighton

Nurse Fellow

Amy Fox

Project Manager and Research Associate, Aston University, School of Psychology, College of Health & Life Sciences, Birmingham, B4 7ET, U.K